“Priscilla Barton puts concision, flow, and punch in the work. She’s the second set of eyes worth having.”
  —Clark Lohr, author of Devil’s Kitchen and Mirandized Nation
“With a thirty-five-year career as a self-published mystery writer I’ve had plenty of editors, but not one with the talent of Priscilla Barton. I’m very pleased with her work and am happy to recommend her to any writer.”
—Rebecca P. Dahlke, author of The Dead Red Mystery Series
“I had never worked with a professional editor before I asked for Priscilla Barton’s help with my second novel. Her work and its positive effects on my book exceeded my expectations by far. She spotted snags in the plot line, helped me flesh out my characters, gave tips for tightening and sharpening my prose, and spotted technical glitches. I felt she genuinely cared about my writing and wanted it to be the best it could be. During our work together she was sensitive, kind, and tactful. Add those qualities to her superb skills, and you have the ideal editor. I know it’s a cliché, but I couldn’t have asked for more.”
—Sharon Sterling, author of Fatal Refuge and A Killing at Lynx Lake
“Priscilla is an accomplished developmental editor. She is thorough in her analysis and dedicated to her clients and their success. I can highly recommend Priscilla and will be using her on my future projects.
—Mary Ball, author of A Book to Die For
“I feel fortunate to have found Priscilla Barton to help me clarify my vision of my novel. Her experience and expertise guided me in restructuring my narrative and sharpening my focus. The story that I wanted to tell is now emerging from my manuscript. And I enjoyed our meetings, altogether a very satisfying experience.”
—Jennifer L. Atkins, author of Fifty-five Miles North of Vegas
“Priscilla, you are amazing! I normally use three different editors to help me produce what I received from you. Along every step of the way you made my manuscript more coherent and enjoyable. You helped me feel that I had the creativity to write, but it was your knowledge and experience that changed my writing into an excellent read. And your up-to-date use of style and grammar was superb. You are the one person to turn to for all my editing needs.”
—Barbara Loos, author of Stolen Identities
“I found working with Priscilla on my first book, Up the Ladder, a rewarding, productive, and educational experience. The suggestions she made were in keeping with the mood and flavor of my story. I easily accepted her directions, and with each change my voice grew stronger.”
—Donna Lee, author of Up the Ladder

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