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Rookie ATF agent Marko Novak has his own brand of ambition, and it doesn’t always include enforcing the law. What Marko likes best are drinking, gambling, and chasing women.

Then, on a misty October night, the sleepy town of Fort Bragg is shattered by a shocking crime. It’s the case of a lifetime, and it pulls Marko into the dark lives of outlaw bikers and Las Vegas’s deepest gambling haunts.

Inch by inch, the case drags Marko away from his party-boy life, but he hasn’t a clue about what the price of justice will be, or who’s going to pay.
“As a 30-year law enforcement veteran, I found the character of Marco Novak to be both realistic and exciting. The story and assortment of characters connected me emotionally through every twist and turn, making this one of the most exhilarating and spellbinding crime novels I’ve had the pleasure of reading.”
—Henry J. Lescault, author of Present with Power, Punch, and Pizzazz!
“JUSTICE FOR DALLAS started life as a horrific multiple murder case investigated by, among many others, Mark Rusin, the author of this book. Priscilla Barton is the experienced writer he enlisted to help turn it into a thumping good novel. It still has the salty tang of a true crime story, including the frustration of dealing with witnesses who lie, get lost, and change their stories. Barton has fleshed it out with characters that ring so true they kept me reading all night.”
—Elizabeth Gunn, author of Kissing Arizona and Red Man Down

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