Photograph by Deb Gaines


In over three decades as a book editor,  Priscilla Barton has helped scores of writers add depth and polish to their stories and move their writing to the next level.

Early in her career, with a graduate degree in English, Priscilla joined the traditional publishing world in New York City, eventually forming her own editorial business.

With a particular interest in crime fiction, she is eager to work with committed writers on all levels, from first-time authors to established professionals. She also leads workshops and gives talks on the craft of writing to book clubs and writers’ organizations.

Priscilla’s areas of special expertise are traditional and cozy mysteries, memoir and biography, popular fiction, and books on food, fashion, and art. Her clients include award-winning mystery writers, cooks, cops, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, romance novelists, scientists, musicians, health gurus, and visual artists.

Now based in the Southwest, Priscilla edits and co-writes in Arizona, California, and New Mexico, as well as throughout the country.

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